PicYou.com - How much for this website?


Let me introduce PicYou.com to you. PicYou.com lets you upload your photos via the website or app, then allowing you to edit your photo's via adding some really cool frames and filters to your super cool images, which you then share across on your social networking profiles.

Whats your thoughts? Would you consider this website a good investment?

It's always a great idea when Buyers are choosing a web investment that requires a significant amount of capital outlay, to do their checks and crosses against the web business from a marketability, technical and scalability perspective.

For a website like PicYou.com that has already demonstrated a steady traffic flow of around 250k+ users per month would be a great kick off point and indication to the current viability and user demand for these types of picture apps.

In addition, you can see from the ITunes Store they boast a massive 750k+ downloads, giving you confidence that you are dealing with a business that has proven past the early start-up stage, into a more credible and sustainable app you can grow, tweak and work with.

To date, Picyou.com although has passed the survival stage, it hasn't gone down the track of monetization which was made mention from the Seller of PicYou.com and I believe this to be a great opportunity to implement perhaps in app advertisements, possibly paid add-ons or enhancements users can purchase.

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Valuation Time

Let's look into a couple of facts regards PicYou.com and some of the reasons behind our valuation. This awesome website as mentioned above, would be considered fit into the credible stage of business growth and means, you shouldn't have to worry about losing your investment overnight, like some of the websites that rely heavy on SEO to gain traffic that would possibly drop off due to some outrageous Google algorithm update.

Secondly, getting a business to a solid and steady 250k+ users per month ain't all that easy, so you can say by purchasing this website at our current valuation you would have bypassed all those annoying teething, survival and proof of concept stages, so to speak.

We have given this business a valuation of $70,000USD, taking into consideration that you should be able to sneak a few optimised in-app or website adverts that could help start recouping your investment pretty much 'on the double'.


- Website solid running for two years- 1,8 million users & over 1 million downloads

- Built on Amazon CDN (What is CDN?) and easily scaled

- Large FB following PicYou.com Facebook Page

- Developer API allowing for 3rd party integrations

- Proven website & ever green mobile app niche


- Monthly costs of $1300 for upload storage may increase should the app grow

- Ad/Monetization methods untested and extra development costs may be required to enhance functionality to include monetization program into the app.

About the Seller

We have found this user Yeabble to have sold approx. 215k worth of websites across 19 total transactions on Flippa.com and displays 100% feedback to date, so from our perspective you are dealing with someone who seems very experienced within the website market, and can only assume you'll be in good hands. You can view more about the specific user by visiting the Flippa sales link, or just click here.