Korean Pop Website Nearly 1 Million Users


For you possible website buyers out there, who aren't too sure on what K-Pop is all about, it's just an a abbreviation for the term "Korean Pop" and very much related to the Korean Pop scene and culture across the broader Asian countries. The OhKpop website contents are heavily reliant on providing users breaking K-pop news, videos, photos and celebrity gossip.

Why would I want to Buy Ohkpop.com website?

Boasting around 800k unique visitors per month, the OhkPop.com website is well positioned to provide the new Buyer a steady traffic flow and as the website is built with WordPress, you can be sure management and updating content would not be too much of a task.

OhkPop.com should be suited to someone who will invest time into daily fresh content and who has access to writers and content creators familiar within the K-pop scene. If you are wondering where to find these content creators, you can find them on many of the freelance outsourcing websites such as Elance & Odesk.

We have tested the website and it's using a fully responsive website theme providing a good experience across all users on mobile, tablets, laptops and desktop Pc's, which is a plus, you don't want the hassles of purchasing a website that is not fully responsive in this day and age.

The website is also monetized with Google Adsense placements and from recent screenshots the Seller has provided on the auction, it yields $1340 average per month in revenue. We've also gone over the ad placement structure of the website and I'm sure the Seller has tested ad placements for optimal CTR (click through rate). 

These types of websites naturally bring a lower CTR and that's due to the density of content displayed on the pages. You may be able to increase the websites CTR by restructuring the theme as I'm sure you could increase its revenue by X2, X3 with a little luck and a creative mind. 

Google Adsense Report


You can definitely understand from a website Seller's perspective, the valuation they've placed on their website could possibly be subjective and not always aligned with the intrinsic value of the website for sale. Hey, why not? They've obviously shed a lot of blood, sweat and tears and probably risked a fair bit of money and investment too.

Currently the Seller has placed a BIN (Buy It Now) Price of $100k for you to snap up Ohkpop.com. From our perspective this website could be possibly overvalued, we would give it a value based only on the fact you'd need to reduce costs and increase revenue to make it viable, however currently this website is producing great traffic figures around 25k unique visitors a day which is awesome, so we thought to give this website a safe but true valuation of around $30,000 given that you might be able to tweak the website to increase revenue sometime in the near future.


a) Well established website since 2011 displaying a decent amount of user traffic of 25k unique users daily.

b) You could easily double or triple the AdSense income from website tweaks and various methods to increase user CTR on advertisements.

c) K-pop would be considered a safe niche and not likely to disappear any time soon, so providing you spend your time adding extra value to the website, you can be looking at a good longer term investment.


a) Website current AdSense income vs monthly costs even out every month, this means there's actually no profit being generated, as the Seller mentioned their revenue and costs are both $2000 per month.

b) Content and writers need to be fresh, well versed and reliable. For website growth, these websites are heavily dependant on daily content updates to keep users interested and reading your coming back to your website.

c) Reducing costs here is key, so unless you are familiar within the K-Pop industry and have a passion for writing article upon article this website might not be for you.


Should you be looking to purchase this website, I would spend a bit more time in discussion with the seller, asking questions relating to what they've attempted to do so far to lessen costs and increase revenue. This is key to making yourself a nice little income from this website and there could very well be provision to do so.

Some possible questions you might like to would be in relation to what servers they are running, costs to outsource article writing, website maintenance costs and possible competitors which could possibly be in your way or you may very well could learn a few things from.

The more questions and research you ask will only benefit you to make sure you are choosing the right web investment. Our valuation of 30k would land you a nice little start and great little website.