How to make over $1000 a month? Easy just purchase Geekers Magazine website


Well established website is an article style website that provides users insight into latest technology trends, internet and mobile apps for Iphone and Android.

This website is built on WordPress, an easy to manage website platform and this website has been established around 4 years.

Would you consider Geekers Magazine a good web investment?

Well for starters, and apart from the fact this website makes over $1000 every month online, this is a perfect little website for someone who wants to continue the websites legacy and has a passion for technology, mobiles and app reviews. 

Given this website offers steady traffic figures of around 1,000 users per day, this would be a perfect website for an internet starter, blogger or someone who can't wait to excersize their skills to become a more developed internet savvy entrepreneur wanting to sink their teeth into something and call it their own, all while making a small passive income. Perfect!

As you can from the below Google AdSense screenshot, you'll notice over the past 12 months traffic has dropped, however the traffic seems steady of late. You really don't need to be worried that the website traffic is dropping in this manner, and the reason for the website traffic dropping is more likely because the content writers are not actively writing, thus organic search results would have dropped too.

Google Analytics Review

The website also displays a PR4 (Google Page Rank) which is pretty good for an article site of this style and should assist in positioning the website higher on Googles search results page.

In saying the above, writing more content and higher quality content will progressively help in ranking your website pages in Google and ultimately earn you more income. So to reitterate, the more content you write, the more money you should earn.

We'll also give a thumbs up, as the website is fully responsive across all devices and displays a nice clean website look and feel, and easy to navigate layout.



We've put the website into a more 'for the novice' category for such reasons mentioned above and it's simply just a good fit. Just as the current Seller has mentioned, he started out Geekers Magazine as a hobby and has turned it into a business which is making money. This means if you are looking to start a website just like Geekers Magazine, you would be in a better position to take over the reigns as it has a really neat domain name that's brandable and perfectly aligned to the geek or tech niche market.

We have taken a few things into consideration, and believe this website should fit into a safe valuation of around $13k given the current conditions and monthly revenue figures.


a) Seller seems well educated or savvy and will assist in the website transfer over to your website host. If you haven't yet selected a website host we'd recommend you try Hostgator hosting or VPS.

b) Easy to manage and update website as it uses WordPress

c) Website offers many categories to write on, so you will always have option to write fresh content across a broader range of categories.


a) You must be a keen technology guru and enjoy writing about tech/apps if you want to take full advantage, without outsourcing the article writing which will ultimately eat into your profits.


This is a fantastic opportunity and a perfect fit for any emerging savvy writer. would be a considerable low risk investment and not much bad to say about this website, and the current auction writing seems very transparent on behalf of the seller and very well writen. 

If you managed to win this website under our valuation of $13k you'd definately walk out a winner in this transaction. But remember, noting comes for free, you will need to add articles daily and you will reap the benefits over time.