99 Branded Premium Domain Set


For Sale! Attention Buyers! Investment time for a beautiful set of 45 domain names that all start with the numbers 99 and on offer are some damn amazing keywords that follow these charming and very memorable digits.

Why purchase this 99 branded domain set?

Let me just give you a little sample on a few domains available as part of this portfolio;
99bets.com, 99talents.com, 99scripts.com, 99players.com, 99tricks.com and the list goes on for a total domain collection currently comprising a total of 45.

As you are reading this review, I'm going to assume you are already familiar with the famous 99 brands that have already left a footprint both in our digital and real life planet called 99designs.com, 99bikes.com and 99acres.com which are market leading websites that all turn over millions of dollars and have invested heavily to bring user confidence and a high level of expectation and regard for both their 99 branded businesses and models.

When you invest into a domain portfolio like this 99 collection currently up for sale, it gives you good positioning in the market as it covers a wide range of niches that could be easily aligned with the next market leading web real-estate.

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Sometimes in life, and you've probably done it before, you tend to walk past opportunities that are staring at you straight in the face and a few years down the track you say "I wish or more blatantly, F**k I should have done it".

For that exact reason above, is why when I value domain names you need to take in a few factors and not just the underlying intrinsic value of the domain in the current landscape. You need to really adjust and look at it in a few different lights. Which I won't probe into and bore you to death.

Given I've actually sat down and had a coffee with the current Seller of this 99 domains collection, he has been open and honest with me and told me he's already had offers for a few of the domains, two especially he mentioned was an offer of $1500 for 99clicks.com and another nice offer of $1000 for 99tricks.com and also had various offers for a smaller value for others within the brandable 99 domain collection.

Given the above details mentioned to me, and given that my favourite domain is probably 99bets.com and would make a perfect domain for a leading casino or betting agency I've taken a step back and valued this awesome domain collection at $10,000 firm. 


a) These domains are all very brandable, distinctive, short and easy to remember.

b) 99 branded domains across an extensive range of niche's, opening opportunity for higher resale value if sold separately.

c)  Start your very own network of websites branded all the same, to give a small example you could possibly do what Envato Market has done.


a) The Buyer could possibly be out of pocket cash flow during the initial purchase of the 99 series collection of domains and may take a while to recoup investment.

b) Registration costs to keep the domains would cost around $450 per year.


One thing for sure is that, I would be very keen to see someone who does decide to purchase this domain set to actively approach various market leaders, for instance Betting Agencies for say 99bets.com and see if you can offload the domains one by one, because I believe the underlying value depending on your strategy would pay off if you took on that line of attack.