- Established Games over 5k per month profit


For Sale! You better jump in the driving seat for this, as if you are wanting to own a slice of your own games websites that was established long ago in 1997 when you could have been quite young, hairless and had a chance of making it in life. Well now could be your opportunity.

Why would I want to buy

Ok, if you haven't yet read this guy's auction page, let me just say this. You can purchase this gaming website that not only generates near $6,000 every month, but has it's own branding and advertisements on a racing cars. One word! Super.

Just from reviewing the website, you will find the games are flash based, somewhat similar to the more popular gaming sites like People love playing these flash based games as they challenge your mind and provide plenty of fun, and you can tell that too because the average visitor length on is a 4 mins 58 seconds with a low bounce rate of around 42% which means half of last months 400k+ visitors have viewed more than one page during their visit. Also these gaming websites would be considered an evergreen market niche and a great place for any savvy website investor or newbie to kick off.

Website car image


So what we do know, is that makes money every month via Google AdSense and you can expect from what details are given around $5k+ per month profit.

Also taken into consideration that these games are licensed. If you don't know what that means, it means that their games have the website logo on it, like a watermarked image across the flash game and what can happen when other users download their games or even rip off their games for use on other websites, it means that's basically free advertising for and when the users click on their logo they're redirected to the website generating more website traffic, so it's a win win situation and a great idea.

Considering the amount of website traffic and the average earning and effort put into those awesome promotion graphics on the cars, I'm going to give this website a valuation of $35,000 firm.


a) Very cheap hosting costs around $20 a month We recommend you try Hostgator hosting or VPS.

b) Already setup and ready to run business, perfect opportunity.

c) Lots of website traffic (who doesn't like seeing 100+ users currently online)


a) Promotion costs on cars could rise or chosen to be withdrawn after end of 2014, so you might want to discuss that with the current Seller.

b) Website is not mobile friendly, so what to do with all that mobile type in traffic from the promotional race cars?


This seems to be a pretty good allround opportunity should be able to snatch up this website at our current valuation of $35,000 or less. I would like to advise if you take no risks in life you won't get too far. I would recommend having a long conversation with the current Seller, and ask him as many questions as possible. You must feel comfortable when you make a website investment. But overall seems like a decent opportunity.

Oh, and you might want to redesign the website so it's mobile friendly and works across other devices, these things are all possible with the right planning, as you may be able to license HTML5 (flash doesn't work in most mobiles) games and provide a special mobile redirection to give your users a better experience.