Great Looking Mobile Gift Website For Sale


So, what is Well if you could imagine the amount of times you've either chosen a gift for someone or even received a gift that you know pretty much sucks, then brings a solution to that problem.

What does, is allows you to basically select a gift amount, enter a personalized message and recipients details into the website. You then make payment via credit card or PayPal.

Now what is really cool, the recipient you've chosen will receive link via SMS on their mobile phone, in which they'll open up and see you've been so kind and gifted them an amount & personal message.

The recipient can then select a gift they actually want from the selection of gifts offers for the dollar amount you've gifted them, lets say you sent $50. Once the recipient is satisfied with their gift choice, they'll enter a delivery address and woolah! team will post the item in a special customized wrapping paper and cute little personalised card which the recipient receive within 48 hours.

Why purchase this mobile gifting business?

This brand new website offers a totally cool and unique opportunity to enter into the market without a substantial capital outlay and at the same time tick all boxes that make up a good and viable business model that could end up being a fantastic opportunity and money earner for the new Buyer.'s main attraction is the ability to send a gift amount that doesn't break the bank and offers users a super convenient all round excellent experience for both the Sender and Recipient. As you can imagine we are all becoming time poor and looking for ways we can surprise someone without all the overwhelming effort of finding the perfect gift.

Also the website looks very well designed and current. This website would be easily adapted to anyone between the ages of 15-50 both Male and Female and it's concept is very easy to understand. I'd recommend watching their video on the homepage, as it details the receipients process and looks super cool.

This website offers an interface that works perfectly across both desktop & mobile devices and has a fully functional admin panel crammed with features to manage users, transactions, gifts and much more. Are you wanting to test drive the admin panel? Let us know, and we'll send you the login, user & password.

Gift Image


Giving a valuation to a new startup business can sometimes be a challenge, and various factors you should take into consideration are market demand, competition, potential growth and the ability to get the concept off the ground as easily and as quickly as possible.

We've given a value to the website of $15,000 and we believe this to be a well rounded good price for this particular investment and great opportunity should you wish to pursue a business within the mobile gifting sector.


- Ready to walk in startup opportunity (all the hard work has been done for you)

- Website looks great and works perfectly across all displays & mobile devices.

- Easy to manage from an administration standpoint

- Excellent growth prospects as the gifting sector online has increased year on year


- Initial sourcing of gifts may take a small amount of effort to get started and find the right supplier or drop-shipper willing to work with the new Buyer.

Final Overview

Should you become the Buyer of this unique gifting business opportuntity, the team will ensure that you will get 30 days support during the transition of the business handover.

If you are looking for a business idea that works great all year round for Birthdays, Special Occasions, Christmas and Easter to mention a few, this is a excellent long term business you can get your hands on that you can grow into something awesome and super special. is a new business ready to take into production. We are really excited to see someone put a little effort in and hopefully reward themselves a lovely business they can initially start off small and grow beyond. Should you have any questions, contact our team @FlipRated.