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If you've ever wanted to know the Lyrics to your favourite songs there may be a chance you've visited This well established website would be considered one of the webs most visited Lyrics finder websites and provides users a one stop place to search up-to-date most recent songs all the way back to the Golden Oldies.

Would you consider this a good investment opportunity?

You're most probably sitting back at your keyboard or laid back on your couch with your Apple IPad wondering how can you buy an established website or business online opportunity that fits you and your lifestyle. Well, if you are considering purchasing this website, this may be the right opportunity for you. 

In short, our answer is 'Yes'. The website would be a good investment, but of course, like any website you purchase, only for the right price! It seems the website owners of have spent a great deal of time and effort building their website and brand from inception back in 2011 and from our extensive research they've done a wonderful job at that.

One of the best ways to monetize a website is via Google AdSense and moreover one of the most common ways to make money on your website. Currently, this website has verified Google AdSense revenues of around $250 per month, which although isn't that overwhelmingly exciting, it does only display one advertisement in the upper right hand corner of the website. You could easily play around with ad positioning to place the adverts in more optimal positions around the website which would increase your monthly revenue. Also, if you do decide to purchase this website, we have some wonderful ideas to share with you, so don't be shy and ask us we are happy to consult with you.

This website produces 250k average visitors per month and a majority of the website traffic is derived from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Just whilst we are on the topic of website traffic, there is reason to believe that this site has been affected by the recent Google Panda 4.0 update which was released on 21 May 2014. Most websites whose content was not unique would have been affected, so you can imagine the competition within the Lyrics niche, a lot of these websites share the same content being Lyrics and thus some other similar established websites would have been affected too. These days it's a MUST that your website contains unique content and provide your website users an awesome user experience. Moving forward into the future this is ultimately what your search engines want to see, and to your benefit, you must keep that a major consideration should you decide to purchase the website. 

The team at have added a remarkable feature that permits users to annotate Lyrics, or add explained footnotes to certain Lyrics, which adds benefit to the user experience and of course helps a great deal separating your new Lyrics website with your competitors as far as unique content is concerned.

See from the below image, an example of added annotations to song Lyrics on the website.

How much would you value this unique Lyrics websites?

This website valuation has taken into consideration that presents an awesome branded website and user experience that operates harmoniously over mobile and desktop devices and seemingly having the precise balance of social media interaction and function that gives the website the overhand compared to similar competitors within the Lyrics space.

We've given a website valuation to this particular website opportunity offering a great deal of monthly organic website traffic an estimate of around $25,000 and believe that should you purchase this website for this amount, you have made the correct decision.

So, if you're asking "what should I invest my 25k into" and you are wanting to invest into an online Lyrics business, this website would be a good bet for you.


Website Benefits Website offers amazing steady traffic of 250k users per month average

Website Benefits This website currently only displays one Google AdSense advertisement, you can increase revenue by strategically positioning more adverts or adding other CPA offers.

Website Benefits Good social/organic feel to the website offering a higher level of user interaction than other Lyrics websites.


Website Valuation Disadvantages You may need to invest further time/money in order to harness the websites traffic and introduce better monetization methods.

Website Valuation Disadvantages SEO & Marketing would be advantageous for this business and to build high quality backlinks would  play an integral part in increasing website traffic thus would cost add financial expense.

Website Valuation Disadvantages Lyrics are currently unlicensed and may be sucject to dmca takedown notices. There are avenues to license your Lyrics however that would cost a yearly fee.

Final Verdict

We believe that, should you be looking for a good website investment opportunity, the website must be a good fit that matches you and your investment strategy. It's all good and well that we've placed a valuation on this website of $25k, but this figure depends on what you can bring to the plate in terms of experience and expertise to grow and better the site, to where you envisage it should be.

Think carefully on how you would best monetize this website, as this website offers a sufficient amount of traffic and can make you a great income if done correctly. If you need any further advice on website monetization, do let us know.