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Many musically minded musicians both professional and up and coming amateur artists around the globe spend endless hours and years trying to perfect and practice their music and thus a significant amount of their valuable time is actually studying sheet music from an assortment of music artists and thus one of many sheet music websites such as JustSheetMusic.com is explored to download sheet music from an arrangement of professional artists.

Would you consider this a good investment opportunity?

As a Website Buyer, you could be purchasing a website for many reasons, one could be you’re really passionate about a certain niche and figure you could add a certain value to the website or just simply want to purchase the website for the website’s monetary value and capital appreciation throughout into the future. I’ve had a read over the auction page listed on Flippa.com and have come to the understanding that there’s a small amount of work needed in order to keep the website functioning that includes updating the song/artist database and seems that you could be spending a few hours adding specific data related to each song which will assist with SEO for your new website. The Seller has mention this is somewhat a manual and process which the server completes, however I’d recommend that if you are interested ask the Seller to clarify the daily running as it’s still a little unclear.

My concerns for this website is the outdated look and feel and really gives the impression that no design work has been carried out on this website since inception back in 2011 and in-fact if you look at the history of the website this similar design actually backdates back into 2007 and further. Designs are certainly not the be-all and end-all when considering this website to be a good investment for you, however if you are thinking on purchasing this website to run many years into the future you’d want to consider the costs involved to update the design so it’s works across all desktop and mobile devices.

Structurally JustSheetMusic.com looks like a good website and I’d imagine many people are landing on internal pages for search terms typed into search engines for sheet music names and such as song American lullaby sheet music.

Traffic, traffic, traffic! You can see from the Flippa auction the Seller has verified the websites Google Analytics for the past 12 months and you’ll notice a steady decline. Without having a crystal ball into why the decline in traffic you could probably take it into your best judgement that the Seller is spending less time updating the website as he’s stated and a combination of other sites gaining higher ranks taking over keyword positions.

I’d consider this website a good investment opportunity if you are somewhat tech savvy and have the understanding on how to update this website both using it’s manual and auto process which I highly recommend you have the Seller run you through the updating process to ensure you are capable of running this website at it's full capacity.

Example of what the addition information which you may have to add manually or auto. Make sure you check this process with the Seller.

Sheet Music Website Valuation

How much would you value a website like this?

Given that the website sale is not riddled with unknowns and this website sale seems pretty straight forward as written in the Flippa listing, I’d give this website a valuation of $10k given that you’ll need to invest further money and time into the website if you want to make it a place users will remember and want to revisit for all their site music needs.

The monetization method is using affiliate links and Google Adsense and sometimes from a search engines perspective (let’s use Google for instance) they have a tendance to demote websites that offer thin content and I’d probably say this website would be a borderline thin content website and which means there’s not much offering to the users in respect of actual value, other than passing users from this website to the affiliate links.

Again, without having a crystal ball there’s no guarantee but these type of websites longevity rely on search engines to gain traffic.


Website Benefits Website still generates a significant amount of traffic and you have something to work with.

Website Benefits You can change/increase Google Adsense positions and other affilate offers to earn yourself more revenue.

Website Benefits Website has been running a long time in the sheet music industry.


Website Valuation Disadvantages You will need to invest further money into the website regarding website design.

Website Valuation Disadvantages There could be some effort or work regards to keeping the website up and running and current as songs are always coming out daily.

Website Valuation Disadvantages The new Buyer will probably want to have some knowledge in the music industry and have faily good knowledge on instruments and artists.

Final Verdict

If you we're to purchase this website for 10k you'd be getting a decent website and a stepping stone to start building and working on. This website presents some decent affilate and Google Adsense income and would be suited to a savvy website tech who is looking for a supplementry income making over $2300 per month.